Angel baby, Rainbow baby, Tons of hair baby!

One of the things I promised myself when I set up this blog is to be truthful and transparent. Two qualities that seem to be greatly lacking these days out there in the real world. So we start with our “Angel Baby” who was named Annabelle. She wasn’t here very long and we never even got to see her in person but she existed. I know she did. I’ve heard her heartbeat and I’ve seen her little wiggle move as she danced on the ultrasound screen. I’ll tell you what, she was a much better dancer than me. This was all a couple years ago. It’s an experience that definitely tested myself and her mom. It was one of the single hardest times of our lives but we got through it and we appreciate every aspect of our life and our other children’s lives because of her. That was her gift to us. She showed us what’s important and it’s been one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned. I know that she is still here and looking over her younger siblings. Every once in awhile when a pacifier goes missing, I wonder if she’s hiding it and trying to play a joke on good old dad. She must be. She must be funny because I’m fricken hilarious!

Moving forward, its been just under 2 months since my little girl arrived and another 16 months before that, my son got here. If my math is correct, that makes two kids under two. Wow! What were we thinking? Better yet, what were we drinking? Haha. Hey now, don’t worry. It was probably water. Its been hard, its been stressful, but its been great. My son “the rainbow baby” is the sweetest little kid. He is truly our miracle child. He’s pretty funny and definitely mischievous. You can tell him not to do something and he will literally stare at you for a couple seconds before doing it again…all without breaking his stare. He’s kind of a bad ass actually. The girl “tons of hair baby”, is great and has more hair than probably three normal babies together. It scares me because I know that someday I might have to learn how to comb that thing that lives on her head. I’m currently trying to think of excuses to get out of it but I’m sure I’ll come around soon enough. She doesn’t do much yet but she’s been fun and for the most part sleeps through the night, besides waking once or twice. Not too bad.

I am very lucky to have those two in my life. I am very lucky to have had Annabelle in my life, if only for a short while. I’m lucky that they all have a great mom who makes things 100 times easier and 1000 times better. She is a great woman and even her jokes are starting to get better. I’m trying to teach her anyway. She thinks I’m a good guy so that must make her a genius right? Overall the family life is good. They support me and that is exactly why I’m able to put up this blog and chase my dream of playing baseball. They are the backbone of my life and what I strive to do. They saved me even if I didn’t know I needed saving. But I suppose we all need saving at one point or another in our lives. Maybe someday sharing my story will save someone else. Anyway, this first post was a bit tough to write but I feel good about it and I’m motivated to keep them coming. Thanks for reading!


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