The kid in me is strong, so strong

One of the greatest things about being a parent is that you get to have a reunion with the kid still inside you. We grow up, we get jobs, we get responsibilities, we get stress, and often times we start to distance ourselves from our childhood. I think its very important that we not let that happen. We live in a society where its normal and even encouraged to grow up as fast as we can and that can’t be healthy. We sometimes need to tap into that little goof ball kid that is still in us. It can be hard to find a way to reconnect with that and in my experience, having kids makes it much easier to go down that path. Just to sit there and be silly with your baby or run around with your toddler is one of the best feelings personally that I have. It gives you a moment or two to forget about your adult tasks and lets you be free. Its a freedom that we all need from time to time.

I think that it also helps your kids transistion better from childhood to adulthood. Showing them the different stages helps them relate to you better. If they see dad making funny faces or mom blowing bubbles, it puts them at ease. They can’t possibly relate to maturity and adulthood yet but they can relate to being goofy and playful. As they get older, you may have to adjust the type of “goofy” but its important that its there.

I can’t stress enough that relating to you child will strengthen your relationship a million times more. It really is a win/win situation. You get to spend quality time with them and you get to see them smile and laugh which is completely contagious. When you act like a kid again, it literally brightens your soul and makes you feel better. So no matter how busy you are or how “grown up” you think you’ve become, get down on that floor. Roll around, play with legos, dance around in the rain with them, just do something silly. It will honestly make you feel better and maybe, just maybe, your little one might think you’re a pretty cool parent…at least until they reach the teenage years!


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