Doing time with your partner in crime!

It took awhile but we were finally able to get in a date night. They seem to be so far between and few these days. I mean yes, we are a little busier now than before and 2 kids under 2 definitely eats up about 27 hours a day. I will tell you what though. It is important to try and find a way to spend some time with that co-parent. When you become parents you develop an additional type of bond between the two of you. Its a bond that is strong as hell but its not immune to breaking apart if you don’t pay attention to it. You need that alone time not only as a break from the kids but as a way to strengthen all the bonds you have with each other. It might be hard to find a moment to yourselves but make it a priority. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. On a side note, what if you are a single parent? You still need to make time for yourself. You can still strengthen other bonds in your life, whether it be with a friend, your own parent, or another family member. Heck you can even just go out and talk to a complete stranger for an hour. Give yourself at least that. We can dedicate our lives to our kids but the key word there is “our” lives. At some point you have to pay attention to that fact.

So back to our date night. It was well deserved and well appreciated. We didn’t even have to go out to make it happen. It was as simple as putting the kids to bed a little bit early and having the logistics planned out. Ours consisted of ordering takeout, some good beer, and a couple episodes of Game of Thrones. None of those were even key pieces, the important thing is that we got to spend some time together. We got to kick back, put our feet up, get a little buzzed (oops), and get lost watching “our stories”, haha. It was great and I wish we could do it more. I think we are really trying hard to get a date night at least once a month. Definitely don’t want to let much more time than that get by. In fact our next one is about 2 weeks away. This one will be an out of house activity and it should be fun.

Anyway, like I said, no matter what, find some time for your co-parent and/or yourself. If you are a parent, you’ve especially earned it. Reward yourself once in awhile and you and your children will be better off for it.


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