Three months old, three months new

So here we are, 3 months in, and I couldn’t be more in love with this little girl of mine. It doesn’t even seem possible that 3 months has gone by yet. Its funny because she was born with so much hair that I used to joke that “she was born 3 months old”, and now here we are at that time. Like any infant, there has been ups and downs, challenges and milestones. I’m sure any parent can vouch and say that it is damn hard to get through these first few months of parenting a new arrival. It is a non-stop action movie of crying, feeding, messy diapers, no rest, tip toeing when they sleep, bottle making, laundry, bragging, smiling, worrying, sleep checking, and loving.

Overall though, this girl has been pretty amazing and somewhat easier than the boy before her. She has pretty much done most of her sleeping at night which has been a miracle for us. She is gassy though and I’m thoroughly convinced she gets this from mom (hope she doesn’t read this post, hehe). She is also an infatuation to her brother. That kid loves this little girl. In the beginning he would just stare at her like she was the most amazing thing in the world. It has since changed a bit…there is still some staring but often times it is followed by snatching her pacifier or blanket and running away laughing. I’ve tried to explain to her that this is what having an older brother is like. When I tell her this, she usually just stares at me. At that point I clutch my own pacifier and blanket a little tighter, just in case she gets any ideas ­čśë

She is growing fast as is her brother. I try hard to appreciate every single day and I know that time will continue to move fast, despite my wishes for the opposite. I am a lucky man to be able to say that I’m a dad. I am proud of that title and I hope that someday my little ones will be able to say they are proud of that as well!



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