Family Gatherings Part 1: The Christening

Well it took almost the whole summer to get a bunch of family and friends together but we finally pulled it off while celebrating Annalia’s Christening. I’ll admit first hand that I’m not a hugely religious person but my girlfriend and much of our families are, so I try to respect that as much as possible. The compromise was having the ceremony outside and at her parent’s house, instead of at a church. Not a bad deal. It was a beautiful day and the minister was only an hour late…oops. Apparently he thought it was the next day and had to scramble to get there. It wasn’t a big deal as like usual, we all went with the flow and still made it happen. We had to change the order of things around just a bit but it still worked. We picked two great folks as the godparents. My younger brother and one of my girlfriend’s best friends had that honor. It was a smaller more intimate gathering and it was nice to spend some quality time with some people I hadn’t seen for a bit.

For Noah’s, we picked my sister and girlfriend’s brother as the godparents. We are both now out of siblings to choose from so if any more kids are on the way, we may have to turn to craigslist to find some godparents. I wonder what category that would be under? Is there a coupon maybe?

When comparing both Christenings, the biggest factor was the weather. The most recent one was beautiful as can be. Noah’s…not so much. It was quite possibly the windiest day of the year. Among the day’s casualties:

1. The tent that was set up, flew up into the air and over the fence, breaking in the neighbor’s yard.

2. A plastic dinner plate decided to attempt flight. Its poor planning led to it flying into my brother’s face and breaking apart. He was unscathed but a little hesitant about coming this year, haha.

3. A bird nest flew out of a tree and smacked my friend right in the noggin. It was quite possibly the funniest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. To watch the nest take a majestic flight through the air and deliver a “smack” with such accuracy and purpose was the highlight of my night. My friend has since recovered, although he didn’t make it out to this one…hmmm?

Overall, very happy that we were able to celebrate together as my family and friends unfortunately don’t get together nearly enough. I think we all aim for that to change but it’s hard with everyone off doing their lives and taking care of their responsibilities. I guess though, that it makes the times we do see each other that much more special. I’ll take what I can get.



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