Not Mister Mom, just Dad

There comes a time in many parent’s lives when it’s time for Mom to end maternity leave. That time for us has come. It’s been exactly a week actually since I’ve been given my new duties of solo parent for most of the day. It has been hard for sure getting used to this new schedule and my allotted sleep time has been decreased once again. Starting to wonder if I should file a grievance with the Parental Union of America…that exists right?

Hardest part so far has been my inability to get both little ones to take a nap at the same time. Noah is down to 1 a day and the baby is still sporadic so they never quite line up. I did get them both down at the same time one day and they both took super long naps. I was pretty excited. In fact I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. Go figure…

One good thing is that the weather is still nice enough where it’s still possible to get outside so that helps a little. Overall it’s been a big change but I’m working through it. I’m a little sleepier and the house is a little messier but I think that will slowly ease up once I fine tune my routine. Things are a little crazier now too so hopefully that will lend its hand to some fun new blog posts. Anyway…I’m not a Mister Mom, I’m just a Dad doing what needs to be done and trying my best to live up to my parental responsibilities. It’s a title I gladly accept!