Baby…Check! Blog…Check! Baseball…um well…..

While I think its safe to say the last 2 months have been extremely busy, I still feel like I’m slacking. I was able to get the blog up and going but have paid basically zero attention to the baseball side of things. Not only that but I haven’t even really been able to get in any good workouts besides maybe one. This is not acceptable (in my own head) and I really feel like I need to recommit to ALL the goals that I set for myself when I began My 5am Story.

I think that I’ve come up with a pretty good plan to move into the training phase of things. One of the things that m’lady believes in is ‘visual motivation’ such as creating a vision board. While I’m not quite at that level, I do like the overall idea of this type of motivation. Therefore I have begun carrying around a baseball with me wherever I go. It is actually sitting here right beside me as I write this. I believe this will help keep me in “baseball on the brain” mode. Also the wonderful sound of two screaming children at random times during the day will help me visualize playing in front of a hostile crowd, so win/win right?

I also need to improve my eating a bit. I think I do okay overall but there is always room for improvement. I know that I do need to cut out the soda pop completely and I’m trying to do that. I feel like the workouts are a matter of better time management. I just really need to set the time and go for it. I’m sure there will be times when unexpected baby stuff come up but luckily I have a great and very supportive co-parent who has my back in these situations.

I am excited to move into this last stage of my goals and I know that I have the motivation to make the most of it. Maybe I make it, maybe I don’t. But at least I gave it go and there aren’t a lot of folks out there who are able to say that 🙂