The Baseball Dream

Put simply, it’s about getting back to playing the game I love. My story will follow me as I work towards my dream of playing baseball again. My plan is to begin training in 2017 and to step back on the field next year. Starting in the spring of 2018, I will shift gears and begin to attend tryouts for the independent baseball leagues. My most recent “baseball resume” isn’t in the greatest shape as you can see:

*Sophomore Year* – Full season of junior varsity in high school. My last at bat: I struck out to end the game and our season.

*Senior Year* – Played on Varsity for most of the season until quitting a few games before the season ended due to lack of playing time (like nearly zero). My last at bat that season: I struck out.

*4 or 5 years ago* – Joined a summer league halfway into the season and played 5 or 6 games. Our team made it the the championship game. My last at bat: I struck out to end the game and our season.

Not good endings. I surely can’t let that be it.

The challenge is unbelievably immense and some may even think unattainable. That’s not the point. I only strive to give it a try. To leave any future regrets behind and know that no matter the outcome, at least I tried.

I want to blog about it so that I can keep a record of my journey for myself but also to share my story with others. Motivation and inspiration both hold contagious elements. There are so many people out there that don’t follow their dreams because they think they can’t. Maybe it’s because they don’t believe in themselves or maybe it’s because others don’t believe in them. Whatever the reason, if it ends there….then their story never begins.

They say that it’s 3 strikes and you’re out…but I’m not done. I dare you to throw me another pitch!