What is My 5am Story?

Basically this is a blog about my life as a dad along with an attempt to pursue my dreams. I currently reside in Western Massachusetts with my girlfriend and our two young children. A son who is 18 months old and a new baby girl who is just about to hit 2 months in age. As any parent knows, raising children is difficult but rewarding. The work never stops and the chaos can be both hilarious and overwhelming. So in my brilliance, after knowing I have no extra time, I’ve decided to make it even more difficult and try to get my baseball dream off the ground, haha.

My ultimate goal is to attend professional tryouts for the independent baseball leagues in 2018. I will try to balance this with being a father and family man, working full time, and now this blog. The balance is hard and its a challenge to try and squeeze everything in each day. I will do my best to document my journey as a way to both hold myself accountable and to share my story in hopes it might inspire others to pursue their dreams. I will keep it as raw and honest as I can. I want to show the victories and the setbacks, the good times and the bad, and continue to learn through each step of the way.

I will be sharing my experience through this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I will also always keep communication open with those that decide to support me on this journey. I will answer questions, give advice, or just talk about whatever. I want this experience to be inspiring for both myself and others. I will continue to share more about my life as a father and a man and hopefully it will be intriguing enough to keep people interested. If my own story helps to inspire someone to start their own, then the World has another tale to tell.

This is My 5am Story, What’s yours?